Onward to Data Interoperability!*


Under our noses

Oligarchic philanthro-corporatism

is invading our public schools

through digitized modules,




incessant data monitoring and tracking—

tracking of not only progress toward skills,

but of social/emotional behaviors

(consumerism, conformism, compliance),

and it’s getting worse and worse.

Think of

the Gates/Zuckerbergs/Dells/Vander Ark

Waltons/Broads/Arnolds/ et al

And not one of them questions

the underlying assumption

that all teaching/learning

must be reducible to data

DATA—a four letter word.

mad tech-scientists run amok,

manically generating income/control

for the oligarchs

acting with hubris unbound.

As always, the need is to ask: Cui bono?

To whose good?

To whose ill?


*See here–a primer for a Data Interoperability Initiative




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