I spent most of my professional career teaching in the middle school and high school at the RI School for the Deaf, focusing on English language development, reading comprehension, and writing; I taught there for about 25 years, retiring in 2011. While there I also taught English grammar and vocabulary and research skills through the study of the Latin language and Roman Civilization. For most of the students, the English language was not their native language, even if it was the language of the home, due to their early and severe hearing loss. Many of them also lived in families that did not speak English, which further complicated their progress. I also administered assessments one-on-one to prepare for students’ IEPs (Individualized Education Plans). These were time-consuming to administer and to score, because they included receptive and expressive English, reading comprehension, and writing. But they provided essential diagnostic information that their teachers could use to develop curriculum materials. Prior to teaching in the high school, I worked as a sign language interpreter for about 8 years at the Community College of RI, interpreting in a variety of classes, including Machine Processes, English, Art, and Physics. And prior to that I was the Parent Infant teacher at the RI School for the Deaf, working with the families of babies and toddlers newly diagnosed with a significant hearing loss. Since retiring I have devoted my time and energy to understanding the juggernaut of corporate education reform efforts that are endangering our public school system. I have made many colleagues through facebook, and have spoken at a number of public forums, primarily against the Common Core State [sic] Standards and the PARCC testing. I welcome any comments to my blog posts!